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my app <33..

[the BASICS]
x1. Name: Sarah
x2. Sex: female
x3. Age: 16
x4. Location: Buffalo New York
x5. Birthday: April 26
x6. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? (show us a picture): nope not right now

x7. music genre: I lovee emo lol..i also like alternative, indie, some classic rock..i like a lot of stuff.
x8. artists/bands: Dashboard, The spill canvas, the early November, This Day and Age, Something Corporate, Modest Mouse, The Postal Service, Death Cab, The Beatles <33, Bright Eyes, hot hot heat, hawthorne heights, the academy is, straylight many moree..
x9. celebrity: Channing Tatum..the white bald guy from coach carter lol..simply because I think he is the hottest guys I have ever seen in my life lol. I also loveeee Ben Stiller.
x1o. tv shows: Boy Meets World, Full House, Laguna Beach, The oc, Gilmore Girls
x11. movies: Zoolander, Meet the Parents, Meet the fockers, Dodgeball, the notebook, a walk to remember, remember the titans, Hear and Souls, The Breakfast Club
x12. actress: Sandra Bullock
x13. actor: Ben Stiller
x14. color: pink and blue
x15. food: icecream :)
x16. restaurant: Don Pablos and Applebees
x17. person: my best friend katiee
x18. car: mustang convertable
x19. stores: American eagle, pac sun, Hollister, and Target! hah
x2o. song: All hail the heartbreaker-the spill canvas, a brilliant dance-dashboard, konstantine-SOCO, me and the moon-SOCO, we will become silhouettes-postal service
x21. quote: “Its not about keeping your promises, it’s about following your heart”—the notebook, “I’ll let you get the best of me, cause there’s nothing else that I do well”—spill canvas

[how do you feel about..]
x22. gay marriage: Ok, I’m a religious person, but I don’t think anyone has the right to tell people who they can and cannot love. If they want to be gay, that is between that person and God. So I would never judge a person on that-I repect them, and I have a few friends who are gay.
x23. the drinking age: Well I think it should be lowered because I think that the reason there are so many ‘drunk drivers’ is because the drinking age is so low. Like my friends cousin lives in England and there the drinking age is really low so hardly anyone drinks because of that. Im the only person in my group of friends who doesn’t drink lol.
x24. cars that play loud music: haha idkk..theyre cool? Lol..i love being in cars and blasting the music while me and my friends sing really loud to it..we sing everywhere hah.
x25. sex before marriage: Personally, I think I want to wait, but like I think that’s up to the person. I have no problem with it. I just don’t agree with people going around having sex with like everyone they meet lol but otherwise suree.
x26. smoking: idk I think smoking’s kinda gross, but again that’s just my not against smoking I think its up to the person.
x27. rock music: love it <3

[almost dooooone..]
x28. entertain us some how: (pictures? stories? jokes? BE CREATIVE!)
 ^^hahah idk the first time i saw this, i thought it was really funny so i hope you like it

x29. say something nice about the mods. Well im from the community prettyinpink and straightpimpin seemed really nice which is why I decided to join here.
x30. whats your idea of rock? (post a picture of your favorite instrument, rockstar, band, whatever!)
The Beatless..greatest band ever.

how did you hear about us? (tell us who promoted you and what not) In the pretty in pink community

[FUN: pictures]
post 4 or more pictures. we love camera whores <3
^^my best friend katie and on the right with the brown hair

^^my friend sarah and me taking pics of ourselves on the right again

^^me and my dad before father daughter dance <3

^^me and my sister <3 im on the right

^^my friend shiela and me..and again, im on the right lol

^^ me (middle) with my friends camille and meredith on a cruise

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