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[the BASICS]
Name: eileen.
Sex: female.
Age: fourteen.
Location: vienna, virginia.
Birthday: october sixth.
Boyfriend? Girlfriend? (show us a picture): boyfriend.

haha i like to joke on him, but of course i'm kidding.
here's a clearer one:

he goes to private school so that's why he's wearing a collar, POPPED.

music genre: rock, but i LOVE ludacris.
artists/bands: a static lullaby, silverstein, ludacris, underoath, armor for sleep, ray charles, kill hannah, le tigre, the blood brothers, at midnight, senses fail.
tv shows: i love the 70s/80s/90s, everyone loves raymond, kings and queens.
movies: never been kissed, it, almost famous, donnie darko, slc punk.
actress: drew barrymore.
actor: adam sandler.
color: i like green, yellow, brown and orange.
food: pasta!
restaurant: olive garden, they have the BEST bread sticks.
person: probably my best friend betsy.
car: a loser cruiser, it's one of those old box vans. oh and it has to be BROWN.
stores: abercrombie, american eagle, hollister, hot topic(for shirts), thrift.
song: eyes down- at midnight.
quote: "Take love, multiply it by infinite and take it to the depths of forever and you will still only have a glimpse of how i feel for you."

[the BEACH]
where's your favorite? ocean city or virginia beach.
how much do you love it? A LOT. the beach is so peaceful.
share your favorite beach outfit: jean shorts, bikini top, and sandals.
how often do you go? twice a year but probably more this year since my boyfriend lives 10 minutes from the beach.
ever been to a bon fire? yep.

[Lets get to know you more..]
-who is your role model and why? my role model would probably be my best friend betsy because she has accomplished so much in her life already. she always seems to make me smile when i'm down and she's just a really good friend, unlike the most i have.
-what would you do if you found out you only had one day to live? i would go sky divining. i really like to be daring and i take a lot of chances.
-entertain us some how: (pictures? stories? jokes? BE CREATIVE!) ha, when i was in the third grade i didn't know that if you wanted to get your eye brows done that you would go to a place and get wax put on them. so being the ignorant third grader i was, i went and got my moms razors and started shaving. i started crying when i realized that my whole eye brow was missing. so when i went to school, i just put a band aid on it. but then one day we ran out of band aids, that same day was picture day.
-Are you wild or mild? tell us why. i'd say wild because i'm crazy. i'm really loud and i'm not shy.

[FUN: pictures]
post 4 or more pictures. we love camera whores <3

the last one was for another community, sorry. heh.

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