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we rock

and we know it

you just might have it..
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Anybody , Moderated

the lovely RULES (cant follow em.. don't join simple as that!)
- MUST be 14+ period.
- apply within 24 hours of joining or else you wont be accepted.
-DO NOT promote other communities in here theres other places for that!
- cant take criticism? then why did you apply at a rating community? don't argue with the mod // stamped members.. you will be rejected and banned
- if you are rejected you can apply again in 2 weeks with a new application and new pictures. rejected after that? then you must not rock. don't apply again.
- must answer ALL questions on the application and have pictures or it will not be voted on until it is correct.
- application must be behind a lj-cut or it will be deleted. it must say "wanna see how hard i rock" as subject // lj-cut to make sure you read all the rules. also, please bold all questions.. it makes it easier to understand
- no nude pictures.. take that somewhere else. OH and if we find out your pictures are FAKE then you will be banned.
-have FUN and be CREATIVE! that always helps get our attention!
-go to the banner page and pick the stamp you want if accepted.

[the BASICS]
x1. Name:
x2. Sex:
x3. Age:
x4. Location:
x5. Birthday:
x6. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? (show us a picture):

x7. music genre:
x8. artists/bands:
x9. celebrity
x1o. tv shows:
x11. movies:
x12. actress:
x13. actor:
x14. color:
x15. food:
x16. restaurant:
x17. person:
x18. car:
x19. stores:
x2o. song:
x21. quote:

[how do you feel about..]
x22. gay marriage
x23. the drinking age:
x24. cars that play loud music:
x25. sex before marriage:
x26. smoking:
x27. rock music

[almost dooooone..]
x28. entertain us some how: (pictures? stories? jokes? BE CREATIVE!)
x29. say something nice about the mods.
x30. whats your idea of rock? (post a picture of your favorite instrument, rockstar, band, whatever!)

how did you hear about us? (tell us who promoted you and what not)

[FUN: pictures]
post 4 or more pictures. we love camera whores <3

---promote us to 3 other communities // users
give us the link!
good luck!

Banners Inc.

Yes.. We Rock

*70 points- getting someone new to join (points only count if their accepted)
*10 points- banner
*10 points- promoting in 5 places
*5 points- doing the theme

if you get 150 points you get an auto except // reject stamp.
have fun!

the first theme!
whats in your room
post pics of your room and if you dont have a camera then find things on the internet that look like what you have in your room.. good luck!