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wanna see how hard i rock

[the BASICS]
Birthday: July 17th
Boyfriend? Girlfriend? (show us a picture): Yes i have a boyfriend, but no pic online

music genre:punk/emo/r&b
artists/bands: Greenday Brand new anaand ciera
tv shows:btvs and america's next top model
movies:oooh i love so many movies..but my favorites...donnie darko and the little mermaid
actress:christina ricci sarah michelle gellar annd alyson hannigan
actor: adam sandler and nicholos brenden
color:pink and silver
food:cheese fries
restaurant:the melting pot
person:john(my boyfriend)
stores: i'm not big in shopping, but i like wet seal's clothes they're..funky..and i like old navy's jeans they're made really well
song:okay i believe you but my tommy gun don't, cinnamon lips,are we the waiting
'No studying? Damn! Next thing they'll tell me is I'll have to eat jelly doughnuts or sleep with a supermodel to get things done around here. I ask you, how much can one man give?'
The Initiative

[the BEACH]
where's your favorite? destin i guess
how much do you love it? ..um a lot
share your favorite beach outfit i don't go to the beach much, seeing as how i live in wisconsin..but my bathing suit with blue jean shorts...
how often do you go? i went two years ago
ever been to a bon fire? yes

[Lets get to know you more..]
-who is your role model and why? i don't have one..i take lessons from everyone i know..
-what would you do if you found out you only had one day to live? cry, then have sex..with my boyfriend
-entertain us some how: (pictures? stories? jokes? BE CREATIVE!)Image hosted by Photobucket.com he just fucked your mom
-Are you wild or mild? tell us why. mild i'm still virgin so i guess i can't say wild? but if i could..i would

[FUN: pictures]
post 4 or more pictures. we love camera whores <3

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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give us the link! Asthestarsfaii is my other journal that i use to promote


good luck!
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