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[the BASICS]
Boyfriend? Girlfriend? (show us a picture):single..

music genre:Punk,Pop,Hip-hop/rap
artists/bands:Greenday,Good Charlotte,Cira,50 cent
tv shows:Anything on mtv1 and 2 and vh1,7th Heaven,fullhouse
movies:Mean Girls,White noise,Miss Congeniality 1 and 2
actress:Juliea Roberts,Paris Hilton
actor:Chad Michel murry,Jonny Depp
food:Spagetii,toco's,Chichen noodle soup
restaurant:out back,road house
person:Paris Hilton
car:Honda Accorde
stores:Abercrombie and fitch,areopostle,rave,forever 21
song:Greenday Holiday
quote:Live Life to the Fullest

[the BEACH]
where's your favorite?All the oceans dont have one fav
how much do you love it?I LOOOVE THE BEACH!
share your favorite beach outfit: Cute Bathing Suit,tank top,short shorts,sandles
how often do you go?Umm...i lose count after the first 100 times lol
ever been to a bon fire?yes

[Lets get to know you more..]
-who is your role model and why?Paris Hilton,Shes SOOO Beautiful shes rich,a model has her own show can buy almost anything i wanted!
-what would you do if you found out you only had one day to live?I would go Skydiving and visit everyone i know!!!
-entertain us some how: (pictures? stories? jokes? BE CREATIVE!)Well i was at one of my friends partys at a swiming pool and my friend infront of EVERYONE i know!!!!! pulls down my bottom part of my baithing suit!! and shes like noone else was watching but us and i no just laugh at it w/her!
-Are you wild or mild? tell us why.Wild i do anything and i am a real dare devil!!!! lol

[FUN: pictures]
post 4 or more pictures. we love camera whores <3
me w/my cat!
this is me messing around b4 dance pics!

me srry i am like sidde words lol!
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